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:: Dr. Gzelelbash in methadone treatment convention in the province ::
 | Post date: 2019/01/8 | 
Dr. Ghezelbash in methadone treatment convention in the province
Methadone treatment convention in the province was hold on Sunday, January 16th, with the presence of Dr. Ghezelbash, the president of the university,  Mrs. Leyla Qasemzadeh, expert in the  treatment and supervision of the Ministry of Health and a number  of deputies, directors and experts.

Dr. Ghezelbash emphasized on the importance of University programs which are in line with MMT centers. methadone treatment programs in the province on Monday, the 16th of December, in recognition of university programs with drug abuse treatment centers.
 Dr. Ghezelbash, the head of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences mentioned that   the way of dealing with these patients is an important issue, while emphasizing the importance of consistency of the goals and plans of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences with the centers of MMT, calling for closer and more interaction, as well as studying the issues and problems in these centers along with planning the training programs consistent with the goals of the university.
The head of the university in this regard emphasized on the coordination and cooperation in the socialization of health.
Dr. Zeratchi, the university's deputy for treatment, also presented a speech on patients with substance abuse and MMT, protocol as well as a report on the number of active methadone treatment centers and how to deal with these patients.
 Engineer Mr. Shahram Kiyaei, the Aidatis project manager, referred to the functioning of the Aidatis system and how it is supervised by the treatment deputy and food and drug administration, and referring to MMT added that all centers are required to complete and send the required information, mentioning that the system has high security.
 Ms. Leila Ghasemzadeh, health monitoring expert at the Ministry of Health, also called for further coordination between ZUMS and the Ministry.

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