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:: Jujube brew strengthens the immune system and clears the lungs ::
 | Post date: 2020/04/13 | 
Traditional medicine specialist:

Jujube brew strengthens the immune system and clears the lungs

Dr. Khavasi, a specialist in traditional medicine, said on Sunday, March 30th, in the 16th episode of the Health and Live Illumination Communication Program, emphasizing that incenses have not been fully proven to be effective for corona virus disease treatment. Fumigators if used extensively,  make the drops smaller and the virus finds opportunity to spreads more. the fumigators may be suitable for a healthy person to moisturize the respiratory system, but it is not suitable for a person who even has cold symptoms, and it is better to be in a confined space and not spread the virus in  the house.
"The incenses  if  used inappropriately, can damage healthy cells and make them more susceptible to coronavirus and other viruses," she said.
It is better to use steamed herbals for two to three weeks and not to use them for a long time
She  also stressed: "These drinks strengthen the immune system and prevent disease, but nothing is as important as personal hygiene and staying at home a far as the covid 19 is considereds."

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