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:: The elderly are advised to stay calm and not to be obsessive ::
 | Post date: 2020/04/13 | 
Infectious Diseases Specialist:
The elderly are advised to stay calm and not to be obsessive

"The elderly who have no problems and live a normal life, are recommended to observe health issues and have peace of mind and not be obsessed," said the infectious disease specialist in the Afiat program.

Dr. Manijeh Joz Panahi, an infectious disease specialist, said on March30th  in the 17th program of the Health and Live Relationship Rehabilitation Program with the province's Ishraq Network:
She added: "The transmission of coronavirus through the air has not been scientifically proven because the virus is unknown and you can get it through drops. In this case, the distance between 1 and a half to two meters between people must be observed."
Dr. Jaza Panahi further said about the concern about people with high blood pressure: "These people should not be too sensitive and go to extremes.”
"People with diabetes or undergoing chemotherapy or the aged ones, and people over the age of 65 should pay more attention because they are at higher risk for the disease," she said.
The infectious disease doctor added: "Home is the best place for quarantine, and people with a mild illness should stay at home with the instructions given to them."

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