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:: People with disabilities are suseptible to corona virus infection ::
 | Post date: 2020/04/13 | 
Infectious disease specialist;
People with disabilities are suseptible to corona virus infection
Dr. Afsaneh Karami stated in the Afiat program that in general, a person who has disability is  prone to coronavirus infection: "Anyone who has lost a part of his body and of course, depending on the part of the organ, usually is more susceptible to infection.,
 Dr. Afsaneh Karami, in a special live program on the evening of Sunday, April 6, stated that people who for some reason have lost a part of their body, and in general, every person who has had this incident depending on the  organ are more prone to receiving a number of infections, such as someone who does not have a spleen, because the spleen is a part of  defensesystem. The Corona virus can infect the body due to person’s weakened immune system. However, because the most common complication is pulmonary complications, microbes are added to cause pneumonia, and because of these germs, pneumonia is more common in those who do not have a spleen. Concerning people with tonsillitis, appendicitis and removed gall bladder, have no particular susceptibility to coronavirus infection.

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