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Investigation of endothelial cell biology inrhesaltth and disease is my field of interest. With a background in cell and molecular biology, I am trying to understand molecular mechanisms of endothelial-related complications in human, particularly when coagulation Factor VIII is involved. FVIII is a key player in blood coagulation. High FVIII levels are associated with an increased incidence of venous thrombosis and thromboembolism. Conversely, reduced levels of FVIII are responsible for the most severe hereditary bleeding disorder, Hemophilia A. My Ph.D. thesis involved studying human endothelial cells from various anatomical locations as the potential sites of FVIII production that was still plausible at that time; despite our deep knowledge about the factor structure and function. The study demonstrated endothelial cells from major organs including, heart, lung, kidney, skin and intestine are capable of constitutive and regulated FVIII production. My post-doctoral project was concentrated on the human liver as the main site of FVIII production to unravel the exact FVIII producing cell type within this organ. In this study several methods were included for deep characterization of isolated cells, such as FVIII functional assays and whole RNA profiling with RNAseq.
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