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مهارت‌هاي حرفه‌اي
# عنوان مهارت‌ حرفه‌اى تاریخ آغاز فعالیت
1 Molecular Biology and DNA recombinant technology: DNA and RNA extraction & purification, Cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, Q-PCR (Primer/probe and SYBR Green)
2 Microscopy: Widefield, Confocal and Standard fluorescence microscopy
3 Protein Production and Purification: mammalian cell transfection, protein purification by chromatography (laboratory scale)
4 Human Primary Cell Isolation and Culture
5 Working with Laboratory Animals (mice)
6 Immunofluorescent staining, Immunoassay, Chromogenics assays, flow cytometry
7 RNAseq analysis (Next generation sequencing for gene expression profiling in medical and human studies)
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