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# عنوان مجرى (دانشجو) محل اجرا سال پایان
1 Evaluation of hand hygiene adherence and it's related factors among health care staff working in intensive care units in the teaching hospitals affiliated to Zanjan University of Medical Sciences Edalatdoost zanjan
2 Educational Program based on Participation on Nurses' knowledge and Practice of Central Venous Catheter Care in the Intensive Care Units Affiliated Zanjan University of Medical Sciences Nemati zanjan
3 The effect of family-oriented intervention on post operative pain after orthopedic surgery Rahmani zanjan
4 The effect of inhalation of aromatherapy (Lavender Essential Oil) on post operative pain Arjmand zanjan
5 The effect of group discussion on self-management ability in patients with chronic hemodialysis referred to Valiasr hospital hemodialysis ward , Zanjan Majobian zanjan
6 The Effect of an Meysam Nemati
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