Advice for Referees

  Refereeing is a vital task. It can vastly improve the quality of a paper, and contributes to improving the science as a whole. The editors of Journal of Medical Education Development (JMED) greatly value the work done by referees.

  Prompt refereeing is very important to JMED, and we ask that referee reports be completed in three weeks. If you cannot make that deadline, please return the paper now. If you can, please confirm now that you'll referee the paper. (Electronic mail is best.) If it takes more than three weeks, we'll contact you to find out what's wrong. We've noticed that referees tend to delay over less good papers - rather than delay, please write a quick and short report explaining why the paper is unappealing.

  If the paper is accepted, we'll send the one in which it appears. With it will go our thanks, appreciation and a letter contain certification. If you don't receive your free issue please contact the JMED Editorial Assistant .

  Your report

  Referees reports for JMED should contain three main sections:

  Please give one of the following recommendations:

  • accept
  • accept with minor revisions (but need not be seen by a referee again)
  • Major revise (and referee again)
  • reject



  The paper has been submitted to JMED in confidence. Please do not otherwise cite the paper, or pass it on to others, except with the author's explicit agreement. You are welcome to consult your colleagues about your review, or invite a suitably-qualified colleague to do the review, but please remind them of the restrictions above.


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