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Manizheh Sayyahmelli, Mohammad Barzegar, Nemat Bilan, Saeid Aslanabadi, Manouchehr Khoshbaten, Alieh Ghasem zadeh, Mohammadhassan Karegar Maher,
Volume 8, Issue 18 (Summer 2015)

Background and objectives: The multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are the most commonly used type of test items in medical education examinations. This method could be reliable tool for guarantee of education quality if develop carefully and according to standard test preparation criteria. This study aimed to compare some quality indicators of multiple-choice questions of pediatric, general surgery, internal medicine and genecology and obstetrics residency in pediatric residency promotion examinations (2010 and 2011) held at the Tabriz university medical science (TUMS), with board certification questions in these disciplines during the above years, and special consideration for improved quality management and monitoring of university internal examinations. Methods and Materials: In this cross-sectional study, we evaluated 2400 MCQs format of preboard examination of (TUMS) and national board examination in these disciplines. Individual MCQs evaluated for taxonomy levels (Bloom levels I, II and III) and following structural principles (based on Millman check list). Data analyzed by SPSS (version 18) software. Results: Quality of MCQs in preboard examination of (TUMS) and national board examination in these disciplines was different and this difference was significance in some discipline. We find more perfect quality in national board MCQs examinations in general surgery and in preboard examination of (TUMS) in internal medicine. Pediatric and general surgery residency preboard MCQs examinations of (TUMS) were significantly low level of learning in comparing to national board MCQs examinations,and had more structural problems. Conclusion: To prevent descending quality of national and internal university examinations, management and monitoring of these exams is recommended.

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