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Abdolreza Gilavand, Mohammad Shooriabi, Behnaz Shahzadeh,
Volume 9, Issue 23 (Autumn 2016)

Background and Objective:  Dental students should learn how to deal with dental treatment of patients with systemic diseases and it is one of the most important issues in their curriculum. Accordingly, this study aimed to gauge the impact of application of researcher-made Mobile Educational Software (DMOTMC) on promoting students’ awareness of dental treatment of patients with systemic diseases.

Materials and Methods: In this (pre-test and post-test) semi-experimental study, 60 people were selected from the last two years of dentistry students with simple random method in the academic year 2015-2016 of AJUMS, and were divided into two intervention and control groups randomly. Then a mobile educational software was offered to the intervention group, and 30 days later separate tests were conducted, and their scores were compared with the students’ scores of control group who did not use the software. Finally, the data were analyzed using regression test and SPSS 21.

Results: Average test scores of students in the study group before and after the using of application categorized as significant which shows the increase of their scores(P<0.05). Besides, this analysis showed a significant difference between average score of the main group and control group in the second assessment (P<0.05). Based on regression analysis, age, gender and educational semester before and after the intervention had no effect on the score.

Conclusion: The smart-phones can be used for educational purposes. Although this technology has not been formally included in educational curriculum yet. It represents an opportunity to provide students the possibility of using various methods of learning.

Keywords: Students, Educational software, Mobile, Dentist, Systemic diseases.

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