secretariat of Board of Trusteessecretariat of Board of Trustees


After the revolution of Islamic Republic of Iran the council of Cultural Revolution had authorized the foundation of Board of Trustees for universities of Iran. Therefore the institutions of Higher Education and Research had provided the condition to make the Board of Trustees as an important part of the universities to have a better and constructive role in monitoring the affairs of the university, so the universities can make their decisions regardless of constitution of the country and based on the requirements of the university.

Board of trustees at the University of Medical Sciences and health services of Zanjan in coordination with other universities has 8 members for the Board whom are trying to achieve the goals of the university.

Some of the important responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

  1. Approving internal regulations.
  2. Reviewing and approving the budget of the university suggested by the president.
  3. Approving detailed budget of the university.
  4. Trying to get the help of private institutions including financial, equipments, and constructions with the observance of Rules of Council.

Analyzing the reports of the university presented by the president.