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Duties of the International Relations Office

The International Relations Office (IRO) executes the university's policies regarding external affairs and the coordination of international academic exchange. Together with the university president, IRO drafts new policies concerning international relations and thus plans the development of projects involving international affairs in the University.

  • Information & advice to the University community about the different international programs available within the scope of higher education.
  • Promote and handle student and teacher mobility to and from foreign institutions, within the framework of programs.
  • Advice students on documents to be handed upon award of scholarship, amount of scholarship and possible complementary aids, and other tasks that they should perform directly with the host institution.
  • Provide ZUMS teachers with information on teacher exchange and international cooperation programs.
  • Handle acceptance of foreign exchange students, prepare a Guide for Foreign Students, and send information about ZUMS: campuses, city, reception, visas, travel, search for accommodation, registration, and study possibilities with the staff of international relations at their university.
  • Draft and negotiate international cooperation agreements.
  • Ensure presence of ZUMS at international educational meetings and forums.

For more information and also for being in touch with the office please contact us:

Akbar Mansouri, Associate Director

Phone Number:  +98-24-33156395

Fax: +98-24-33424770

Email Address: