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Yasser Shahbazi, Mahya Mozaffarzogh ,
Volume 5, Issue 3 (9-2019)

Background: The present study aimed to determine the antimicrobial effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus reuteri against Campylobacter jejuni in fresh and roasted chicken breast fillets.
Methods: Fresh and roasted chicken breast fillets were soaked in probiotic suspensions (11 log CFU/ml) and immersed in C. jejuni suspension (5 and 3 log CFU/ml). Afterwards, the fillets were placed in clean stomacher bags and refrigerated for 10 days until further analysis.
Results: The count of 5 log CFU/g in the fresh fillets treated with L. acidophilus, L. reuteri, L. reuteri, and L. acidophilus reached 3.45, 3.89, and 4.25 log CFU/g after 10 days of refrigerated storage, respectively. In the roasted fillets, the corresponding counts were estimated at 2.99, 3.54, and 3.92 log CFU/g, respectively. In addition, the inoculated 3 log CFU/g of C. jejuni reached 1.09-1.11 log CFU/g after the refrigerated storage of the fresh and roasted chicken breast fillets.
Conclusion: According to the results, the addition of L. acidophilus and L. reuteri to the fresh and roasted chicken breast fillets had inhibitory effects against the growth of C. jejuni.

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