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Volume 7, Issue 26 (3-1999)

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Volume 8, Issue 30 (3-2000)

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Volume 8, Issue 33 (12-2000)

Sh Fekri, Mm Vakili, Sn Mousavinasab,
Volume 15, Issue 58 (3-2007)

Background & objective: Efficacy of family planning is an important factor in reducing fetomaternal mortality and morbidity. Since men could influence their spouses′ attitudes toward reproduction, we conducted this study to investigate the role of male education and participation in increasing the use of safe contraceptive methods. Materials & methods: This quasi-experimental study was carried out on all fertile couples of Islamabad (Zanjan) who used withdrawal method for contraception. 90 families were entered into the study and following completing the questionnaire randomly divided into two groups of treatment and control. Intervention was performed through face-to-face education by NGO′S of the related regions for two months. After 6 months the second questionnaire was filled out to investigate the contraceptive methods. The data was analyzed using chi-square statistical test. Results: Rate of application of safe contraceptive methods (TL, OCP, condom, IUD, DMPA) was higher in treatment group than in control group compared with withdrawal method which showed a significant difference (p=0.04). Knowledge of using OCP and condom in both groups were high. There were 4 and 1 cases of unwanted pregnancy in control and treatment groups respectively (non-significant difference). Conclusion: Despite the difficulties in performing the research, the study results showed that participation of men positively affects family planning. More investigafion regarding the inolvement of men in family planning is recommended.

S Fekri, F Mohamadiyan, M Ganbari,
Volume 16, Issue 64 (9-2008)

Evaluation of the Relationship between Maternal Preeclampsia and Lung Maturation of Preterm Infants in Zanjan- Valiasr Hospital Fekri S1, Mohamadiyan F1, Ghanbari M2 1 Dept of Gynecologic Diseases, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran 2 Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran Corresponding Author's Address: Dept of Gynecologic Diseases, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran E-mail: Received: 29 Sep, 2008 Accepted: 17 Jan, 2009 Background and Objective: There are many studies showing that fetal lung maturation in complicated pregnancies like preeclampsia is accelerated. Lung maturation in this condition is due to glucocorticoid secretion in response to stress. There are also con-tradictory opnions about fetal lung maturation in preeclampsia. In this study the relationship between lung maturation in preterm infants and maternal preeclampsia was investigated. Materials and Methods: This case – control study was applied to 96 preterm infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) as the case group and 96 preterm infants without RDS as the control group in Zanjan- Valiasr hospital during the years 2004-2005. Both groups were similarized for age, sex, weight and type of delivery. Patient's data were obtained from their medical records and were analyzed by T and X2 tests. Results: In 31 preterm infants with RDS (31.6%), and in 23 preterm infants without RDS (23.4%), the mother was preeclamptic. This difference was not statistically significant. Conclusion: According to the results of present study, the risk of RDS in preterm infants of preeclamptic mothers is not lower than the non preeclamptic mothers therefore fetal lung maturation is not accelerated in maternal preeclampsia.

H Rahmanpour, R Heidari, Sn Mousavinasab, F Sharifi, S Fekri,
Volume 17, Issue 67 (8-2009)

Background and objective: Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder among reproductive-age women. There is very little information about the prevalence of PCOS in Iran. With regard to the symptoms of PCOS which begin after menarche and regarding to its side effects on women's health, we aimed to determine the prevalence of PCOS in adolescents in Zanjan, Iran. Materials and Methods: In this descriptive community based study, 1882, 14-18 year old adolescents were randomly selected from Zanjan schools. The presence of PCOS was determined by the presence of olygomenorea, hirsutism, acne and androgenic alopecia. For correlation between PCOS and obesity, BMI and central obesity was evaluated. Statistical analysis was performed using K2 test. Results: PCOS was present in 54(2.9%), hirsutism was present in 161 (8.6%), acne was present in 220 (11.7%), androgenic alopsia was present in 130(6.9%) and menstrual irregularity was present in 281 (16.9%) of the cases. The prevalence of central obesity and over weight did not differ among the studied groups. Conclusion: The prevalence of PCOS in our study was similar to the results reported from other societies. With regard to PCOS side effects, we suggest that the diagnosis and treatment of PCOS is better to be started from adolescence.

S Fekri, Gh Kiani,
Volume 26, Issue 115 (5-2018)

Background and Objective: The Suicide is a serious public health problem and the suicide attempt is one of the important indicators of mental health in different cultures. The purpose of this study was to compare the spiritual health, suppression of thought and social support in the suicidal subjects and normal people in Zanjan city.
Materials and Methods: From the statistical population of suicide attempters who referred to Vali-e- Asr and Ayatollah Mousavi hospitals in Zanjan, 84 subjects were selected through the available sampling method. In the control group, 84 subjects were selected from the individuals homogeneous to suicidal group. Ellison and Palutzin Spiritual Health Questionnaire, White Bear Suppression Checklist and Social Support were used for data collection. Data were analyzed by SPSS software using the t-test and Mann-Whitney U test.
Results: The results showed that the mental health and its components, suppression of thought, social support and its components in the suicidal group had a significant difference comparing to controls
(P <0.001), in a way that the spiritual health and its components, as well as social support and its components in the group attempting suicide were lower, but suppression of thought was high in the suicide attempters than in controls.
Conclusion: According to the findings, it can be concluded that enjoying high spiritual health and high social support can be a protective factors against the suicide attempt. But the use of oppressive thought seems to play a role in suicidal attempts.

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