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:: Academic Programs ::
 | Post date: 2018/05/7 | 

Academic Pograms

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) Curriculum
Medical education in general is a seven and half years course in four Phases. The first two phases of education (Basic Medical Science and Fundamental of Clinical Medicine), mainly focusing on pre-clinics are taught and held in the main campus of the School of Medicine while field training and internship courses are delivered mainly in the hospitals and health centers. The MD curriculum integrates basic medical sciences and clinical experience with in-depth study and independent research throughout the years of medical training. to see other major themes of the MD curriculum Click Here.
  • Educational Regulations Doctoral of Medicine (MD)
Chapter one - Registration and entrance prerequisites
Chapter two - Educational system
Chapter three - Course units and education period
Chapter four - Presence and absence
Chapter five - Adding and dropping
Chapter six - Assessing the student’s educational development
Chapter seven - Educational leave and withdrawal from study
Chapter eight - Changing course
Chapter nine - Accepting units
Chapter ten  - Dissertation
Chapter eleven - Graduation

to see details of Regulations Click Here.

  • Academic Calendar Second Semester 2017-2018
Course registration for The MD
ber18th 2017
The MD programs Beginning of Classes:
September 23rd 2017
The drop & add for two theory courses:
October 2 – 10, 2017
The Midterm schedule can be fitted between:
November 18- 29, 2017
The Emergency drop for one theory course:
December 2 – 5, 2017
Last Day of Classes Second Semester 2017-2018
January 18th 2018
Final Examination Second Semester 2017-2018

January 20 – 31, 2017



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