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:: Nursing management and care services ::
 | Post date: 2018/07/31 | 
Nursing management and care services

Mr. Fereidon Eskandari
Job title: nursing services manager (Matron)
Degree of Education: Master nursing

tel: 02433131209

Crucial duties:
  1. Plans qualitative upgrade and continuous improvement of clients services
  2. Gathering information from:
    • The center including: approved organizational chart, goal, activity type, monthly and annual report, nursing audit report, interview with staff
    • The clients: based on disease type, care needs and provided services
    • Resources including: human resource (nurses, practical nurse, assistant, technicians, OR and anesthetics expert and other subtitle  cadre) physical structure, equipment and facilities
  3. Active participation in policy committees and other ones in the organization
  4. Goal determination (short term, midterm and long term) based on the needs to supply, protect and improve social health and welfare level of the clients, patient according to aforementioned policies in the center and suggestions to subtitle  authorities
  5. Determines policies and taking appropriate approaches and determines time table to get the mentioned goals
  6. Plans to establish and participate in special committees with codified task descriptions (education, research, control and supervisory, infection control etc.)
  7. Presents an appropriate approach to authorities, and prepares suitable condition for optimum use of current resources to get the goals
  8. Codifies and administers educational plans to patients and their families in different research level
  9. Coordinates and cooperates in health, medical and rehabilitation plans actively
  10. Attracts cooperation sense of health team of the center to get the goals
  11. Coordinates educational clinical plans of students in nursing groups
  12. Cooperates in budget setting team for activities of the center 
  13. Determines and suggests required budget and their priorities to establish nursing plans
  14. Cooperates in research plans
  15. Plans and suggests infection prevention ways (infection control)
  16. Plans and cooperates with other units to improve knowledge and professional skills of nursing staff
  17. Presents basic approaches in welfare planning of the staff under control with cooperating other units
  18. Determines and estimates human resource levels in nursing units based on scientific standards
  19. Determines operational limits, expectations and factors in different job ranks by considering equipment and approved job descriptions
  20. Employs human resources based on the individuals` abilities in different working shifts
  21. Suggests and interviews with volunteers and qualified people and introduces them to personnel unit for employment
  22. Suggests appointment and transfer of staff under control to head of the center
  23. Decides leaves, missions of nursing staff
  24. Leads and guides subtitle unit to establish organizational goals
  25. Presenting a suitable nursing template for an effective relation, desirable operation, good working behavior 
  26. Takes necessary measures and basic approaches to create, upgrade and improve motivation of staff (reward & punishment) in nursing group
  27. Manages inner/ outer meetings subtitle to the units` tasks  
  28. Administrates and manages special meetings to solve the problems of subtitle units using scientific problem solving technologies 
  29. Supplies educational needs of staff including: familiarizing new entered staff with regulations and policies
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