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:: Crucial activities of health and education deputy ::
 | Post date: 2018/07/31 | 
Crucial activities of health and education deputy
  • Establishes education council of the center
  • Establishes regular meetings of the council
  • Determines scientific supervisor of conferences and sets monthly plans
  • Establishes regular sessions of conference
  • Establishes regular session of case report
  • Establishes problem solving sessions
  • Organizes entry and exit of assistants
  • Organizes pavilion and welfare facilities
  • Organizes education and health website of the center
Activities of education unit
  1. Sets education plans of medical students including theoretical and scientific:
    • Practical courses internship and training
    • Internship: surgery, pediatric, women, cardio, orthopedic and emergency medical
    • Training: surgery, pediatric, women, cardio, orthopedic, ourology and radiology
    • theoretical courses include: general surgery, specialized surgery, urology, pediatric, women (all theoretical plans are presented twice a year)
  2. coordinates medical faculty to introduce students and receive their names for different clinical and theoretical courses
  3. arranges the students` attendance by attendance list
  4. Coordinates teachers and respected members of the board to implement clinical and theoretical plans
  5. Coordinates clinical and theoretical tests, gets the questions from teachers, send them to the faculty, coordinates with teachers and group managers to correct the test sheets and announce them to education department of medical faculty after receive from the teachers.
  6. Coordinates to establish thesis of interns and trainees defense session
  7. Coordinates with nursing unit of the center to establish different education courses to colleagues 
  8. Organizes intern shifts initial of month, announces the plan to different units, sets and follows overtimes of the interns and announces to financial department for payment
  9. presents evaluation forms and surveys to groups and teachers at the end of theoretical/ practical semesters, then gathers and sends them to research and development center of the university
  10.  notices different education plans such as seminars, congresses, workshops, gathering etc. to the teachers in the center and coordinates to register and participant in the above mentioned courses
  11. Educational correspondence with medical faculty and other subtitle units, registers and numbers the letters, sends them and follows up their replies.
  12. Considers and solves education problems and in some cases solves welfare issues of the students and reflects them to subtitle authorities
  13. Follows up and prepares necessary requirements and equipment for education needs
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