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:: History ::
 | Post date: 2019/07/1 | 
Department of Medical Biotechnology was stablished in 2008 and started to train students of medical biotechnology for master degree. 
In 2010 started to admit PhD students in Molecular Medicine.
In 2015, the department of medical biotechnology merged with nanotechnology group and by accepting students in nanotechnology (master degree), the Medical Biotechnology and Nanotechnology department was formed.
In 2018, medical nanotechnology group separated from medical biotechnology department.
At the moment, biotechnology department is an independent department and admits students of medical biotechnology for master and PhD degrees.
Current programs:

1- Master degree in medical biotechnology:
            Since 2009, 47 MSC students have been admitted. From these:
31, graduated,
12, under training
4, Suspended/stopped their studies
2- PhD degree in medical biotechnology:
            Since 2011, 21 PhD students have been admitted, from these:
9, graduated
9, working on their theses
3, under training

Academic Staff members:
1- Dr Yousef Mortazavi, professor of molecular hematology,
Head of the department,
2- Dr Amir hossein Taromchi, associate professor of medical biotechnology,
3- Dr Hassan Rokni-Zadeh, assistant professor of genetic engineering,
4- Dr Behrooz Johari, assistant professor of medical biotechnology,
5- Dr Saeed Kaboli, assistant professor of medical biotechnology,

Invited academic Staffs
1- Dr Samad Nadri, associate professor of medical nanotechnology,
2- Dr Mojtaba Fathi, associate professor of clinical biochemistry,
3- Dr Abdolreza Esmaeelzadeh, associate professor of clinical immunology,
4- Dr Ali Ramezani, associate professor of biotechnology,
5- Dr Mohammad hossein Kosari, assistant professor of chemistry,
6- Dr Habibolah Kazemi, assistant professor of chemistry,
7- Dr Mohammad hossein Rasoolyfard, associate professor of chemistry,
8- Dr Yousef ali Abedini, assistant professor of physics,

9- Dr Azadeh Ghaffari, assistant professor of pharmacology,
10- Dr Kobra Rostamizade, professor of chemistry,

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