Occupational Therapy Inpatient OT

The Occupational Therapy Service at Ayatollah mousav'si Hospital provides direct inpatient care to patients ranging in age from newborns to young adults. Occupational therapists play an integral role in the management of inpatients at Ayatollah mousavi's Hospital to maximize their self-care and play skills during their hospitalization.

Our occupational therapy staff are clinically trained to provide evaluation and individualized treatment to patients with a variety of pediatric medical conditions, including: 
  • Management of congenital hand differences 
  • Management of upper extremity traumatic injuries  
  • Management of Spasticity and movement disorders
  • Management of motor difficulties 
  • Management of sensory organizational skills has it relates to neonatal and acute neurological events
  • Management of Life skills (dressing, self feeding, grooming, play, time management)  

Our Patients

Patients referred for occupational therapy while in the hospital may be: 
  • Recovering from surgery 
  • Receiving care for a traumatic injury or illness 
  • Undergoing treatment related to an acute, chronic or complex medical conditions
  • At risk for developmental delay secondary to prolonged hospitalization 

The goal of therapy

Our occupational therapists work to improve each patient's underlying impairments and try to help them make a full recovery or return to their optimal level of function. Our occupational therapists are skilled in modifying our patients' environments and daily tasks and in using adaptive equipment and assistive technology to increase functional independence.

The goal of occupational therapy is to help patients maximize functional independence and participation in all occupations, across all environments (e.g. home, work, school, community). Occupational therapists work with the patient and caregivers to help regain or develop the skills necessary for the highest level of function and independence.

Starting therapy

Occupational therapy is initiated by a referral from the patient's primary care physician or specialist.