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:: Lactation clinic ::
 | Post date: 2019/12/4 | 

The Lactation Clinic of Ayatollah mousavi was created to provide one-stop service to support successful breastfeeding. By 2001, Ayatollah mousavi Hospital had become internationally recognized by the WHO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health as a “Baby-Friendly Hospital” in Zanjan.  We value the importance of breastfeeding to both mom and baby and tailor our clinical support for them during this amazing experience that unites and benefits them both.

We understand that breastfeeding challenges include both mom and baby. Our providers will see and evaluate both as part of your visit. After the lactation consultant spends time with you and your baby, she will create a personalized plan for care and follow up. To maintain our standards, our clinic is led by a Neonatologist and lactation nurses. We’ll work with you to help you meet your breastfeeding goals, and to feel more comfortable and confident
Our Services:

  • Prenatal Consultations are available on an outpatient basis by appointment only.  Common reasons for prenatal consultations are:
    • History of Breast Surgery (breast reduction or implants with areolar incision)
    • Previous unsuccessful breastfeeding experience
    • Planning to breastfeed multiples
  • Outpatient Consultations for mom and baby after hospital discharge
  • Prevention of breastfeeding challenges
    • The non-latching baby
    • Sore nipples and breast pain including: candida albicans, mastitis, blocked ducts
    • Milk supply issues
    • Postpartum personal instruction assistance with special needs babies
    • Assistance with feeding multiples
    • Assistance with premature babies
    • Drugs and breastfeeding information
    • Induced lactation for surrogacy/adoption
    • Unique challenges including: tongue tie, cleft palate, trisomy 21
    • Weaning
    • Preparing for return to work
  • In-patient Consultations: Breastfeeding challenges and common problems:  such as difficulty latching, sore nipples, mastitis, breast lumps, insufficient breast milk and excessive infant weight loss or slow weight gain and tongue tie.
  • Breastfeeding support facilities: breastfeeding room and mini pumping station
  • Telephone advice for mothers – Dial: 0098-24-33131315          
  • Prenatal breastfeeding Class

We offer prenatal breastfeeding classes for soon-to-be parents. Our focus is to get mothers off to the best possible start by providing comprehensive information on:

    • The physiology of lactation
    • The importance of skin-to-skin care and all the 10 steps of our Baby-Friendly Hospital
    • Care of the newborn
    • Evidence-based breastfeeding practices

This prenatal breastfeeding class is for mothers and their partners. The class is kept very small and is structured to facilitate questions and discussions that you will enjoy.



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