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:: List of Lab ::
 | Post date: 2019/12/4 | 
List of labratories
Different Department-affliated labratories of the school of medicine are as follows:
Physiology and pharmacology Department

This department includes a general lab for all the students and 6 research labs for MSC and PhD students.
  • General Lab
The General lab is the main lab of this department and is used for the practical courses of physiology, PhD, General Medicine, and other related fields.
  • Molecular Lab
This lab is used for gene experiments and gene expressions in animal and human specimens and it has cold centrifuge for DNA extract and thermal cycler for PCR.
  • Behavior Lab(memory test, pain test)
In this lab animal behavior such as motor functioning and light response is monitored after administration of certain drugs or infusion of certain behavior via surgery.
  • Epilepsy Behavior Lab(animal motion)
This lab is used for behavioral assessment of seizures and epilepsy drug tests in animals which has sleep deprivation machine, rotameter, rotarod, open field test equipment and a shuffle box.
  • Surgery Room(stereotactic, brain stroke model)
This room is used for collecting organs from animals that have been treated or to make a stroke in animals or injection of cells into the brain.
  • Electrophysiology Lab
This lab is used for examining  cell membrane potentiality after introduction of  a drug or electrical activity of cells  and it is  equipped with a sensitive and highly magnifying streoscope.
  • Cell culture Room
In this room,  cell division and differentiation and cell culture for DNA extract are performed and the room has laminar flow hoods and inverted microscopes.

Immunology Department

  • 1)GeneralLaboratory:
The goal of the general laboratory is to train and educate senior students in immunology.All the labs are under supervision of the science committee.
  • 2)Research Laboratory:
 Research Laboratory is consisted from 3 parts:
  1. cell culture laboratory
  2. immunoassay laboratory
  3. molecular laboratory
  • 3)Fully equipped central research laboratory and medical technology:
Which is used for Cloning,Lyophilisation , Purification etc.
Anatomy Department

1)The Anatomy Halls including
  • A-Cadaver storage and fixation room:
In this room, after the cadaver is delivered, it is first taken to the storage room, and following preparation of the fixative materials, the cadaver is fixed on the fixing table using fixation pump.
2- There are two gross anatomy theatres for use of the students of medicine, dentistry, MSCs of anatomy, and other students studying in medical fields;
3- There is a gross anatomy theatre which is used by the PhD students and for research purposes;
  •  B- The Model and Bone Room:
This is a saloon like location with shelves for keeping various human body models including organs, and bones. There are also some natural human bones, and some artificial ones for use of all students.
  • C- The Practical Histology Classroom:
In the classroom which is available for practical histological studies w, there are ? student microscopes, a video-microscope; the services are being rendered to PhD General Students of Medicine, Dentistry, and MSCs in Anatomical Sciences.
Biotechnology &medical Nanotechnology Department
  • Educational equipment and facilities:
 Real time PCR – Electro spinning – Oven –centrifuge – sonicator – stirrer –laminar flow hood – incubator – -20°& -80° refrigerator.

  • Labratories
  1. General Lab
  2. Culture Room
  3. Electrophoresis
  4. Nano Lab I (Nano Structure Synthesis)
  5. Nano Lab II (Electrospinning and Nanofibers)
Microbiology & Virology Department

  • Lab Facilities & Machinery:
The facilities available at the lab include the cell and bacteria culture media and maintenance, a bacteriology hood, CO2 incubator,  light microscopes, distilled water tools, autoclave, and  hood. 
  • The Educational Section:
The educational section of the lab includes the general bacteriology lab, a preparation room, a rinsing and sterilization room, and a store room for lab materials and tools.

Biochemistry Department
1)Research Lab I
2)Research Lab II  (Molecular Lab (PCR) ,& Electrophoresis)
Parasitology Department
  • Research Lab
  • PhD Research Lab
  • Entomolog Lab
  • Culture Room
  • General Lab(Education Lab)


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