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:: Lab ::

Laboratory department


Lab Supervisor::  Reza Shahbazi

Lab Expert

Technical assistant of the laboratory :: Dr. Ahmad Jalilvand

pathology and anatomical specialist


Executive director of the laboratory :: Dr. Saeid Zabihian

Lab Expert

Tel ::(+9824)33130925- 33130903

Located in :: ground floor


Active departments of the laboratory:

  1. Pathology department: most pathology machines including: Cytocentrifuse, Tissue Processor, Frozen Department, Microton exist in the unit, the department presents cytological and pathological services by pathologist expert
  2. Hematology department: hematological services are presented by using a cell counter machine in the department full-time.
  3. Biochemical department: biochemical services are presented in the department by using a bio chemical auto-analyzer machine, two film photometer machines and two blood gas measure full time.
  4. Immunology department: in the department serological, hormone and infection experiments etc. are performed by using ELISA machine.
  5. Bacteriology department: many required machines including biological hoods, incubator, CO 37, etc. are present in the department. Microbial strains and fungus are studied by utilizing bacteriologist experts and Lab-expert in the department.
  6. Analysis and parasitology department: all experiments on urine experiment and parasitology analysis accomplished in the department
  7. Blood bank department: all blood compatibility experiments, standard brush, cell type and pack type experiments accomplished in the department
Activities and measures
  • Participating in foreign quality agendas  
  • Cooperating with research plans, student and professional thesis, and presenting papers in scientific professional congresses and scientific journals
The laboratory has executed hypothyroidism plan of infants in 3-6 days since 2006 indeed, it has executed PKU screening in the province since 2012. 

Current regulations:
Presenting the experiments` results in 24-h (except hormone experiments and culture)

Educational activities
  • Cooperates to execute research plans and student thesis
  • Trains master and bachelor students
  • Establishes monthly retraining courses with novel laboratory issues

Laboratory physicians
Dr. Ahmad Jalilvand Pathology expert
Clinical and anatomical pathology expert
Dr. Abdolmajid Ghaem panah Pathology expert
Clinical and anatomical pathology expert
Dr. Mitra Mabodi PhD. Laboratory science



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