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Technical assistant of emergency pharmacy
Dr. Fariba Jabari
Dr. Sorur Tahmasebi
Dr. Parvin Eskandari

Technical assistant of central pharmacy
Dr. Nahid Sadeghi

Tel ::(+9824)33130650- 33130950

Located in :: ground floor from emergency entrance


Introduction of the unit
This unit works to supply medicine and consumer supplies of the patients in different departments
In pharmacy department, medicines provided to patients who prescribed by one of hospital`s physicians
Considering medicine limitation, it is not possible to present medicine to those patients who were prescribed by physicians out of the hospital

Educational activities on the department
The department educates ADR and sends pamphlets to nursing office to distribute in different departments

Crucial tasks of technical assistant of pharmacy
- supervises current medicine items and consuming supplies and deficit reports, shelf arrangement, the items expiration date, considers temperature, light, humidity of pharmacy environment to store medicines 

- Supervises personnel of pharmacy by considering official discipline, job skills, reports and reminds, possible mistakes and customer appreciation, regular training to improve medicine information of the personnel
- supervises refrigerated medicines in all processes (transfer, store and deliver) by keeping cool chain and supervises medicine refrigerator`s temperature daily
- delivers and registers medicine orders on prescription items and presents medicine consultation to patients, signs and seals subtitle documents
- presents necessary consultation with physicians to proper deliver of medicine, avoids possible interventions and mistakes due to physician errors
- supervises opioids according to subtitle instruction

- regular attendance in medicine, treatment committees of the center considering rational medicine prescription and administration agenda etc.
- Attends in activities of medicine quality improvement such as clinical governance, validation etc. in the center.
- Responds the clients
- Completes subtitle duties


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