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About Zanjan City


:: angiography ::

Angiography Department


Ward Supervisor :: MR Rasool Baghaei nia
Nursing expert

Tel ::(+98024)33130750-33130751-33130779

Located in :: -1 floor


Practical Procedures

  1. Angiography of Coronary arteries
  2. Angioplasty of coronary arteries
  3. Adult and children Cardio Catheterization (congenital and non-congenital diseases)
  4. Local angiography including carotid, renal, lower limbs
  5. Valvuloplasty including mitral- plummerry
  6. Local  Vascular angiography  including carotid, renal, lower limbs
  7. Temporary piece implanting
  8. Pericardiosis
  9.  Primary PCIs in heart attacks

Present equipments of the department
Philips angiography machine Alura version 12, capable of local cardio-vascular angiography
EKG 12-channel machine
Electroshock ZOLL and S&W machine


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