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:: Hospital regulations ::

 Internal Regulations

1. Attendance of children less than 12 years in the hospital is not recommended because of the necessity for their health.

2. Smoking is forbidden inside the hospital.

3. Entering and exiting any kind of medical instruments should be done with the information of disciplinary officials.

4. The observation of all laws and regulations and common social communications of the country is obligatory inside the hospital. All the distinguished referrers are hereby expected to fully observe Islamic hijab and religious regulations.

5. Using mobiles near the special parts, due to resulting in the occurrence of interference in the monitor waves that may lead to damage and disorder in identification of problems of cordial patients is forbidden.

6. Any financial relationship apart from the formal bill of the hospital between doctors and personnel on one hand and the patients and his accompanies on the other hand is forbidden and in case of proving so the subject in addition to paying penalty is referred to legal authorities.

7. In case of bringing food for patients from outside the hospital the head nurse should be informed.

8. In case of needing companion only a homogeneous is authorized to attend in the patient's room, with the observation of other standards.

9. When being conformed in addition to conformation order form issued b the doctor, the ID card of the patient may also be seen by the reception official for preventing from possible mistakes.

10. The telephone lines in the patient's room are usable by dialing number 7 and connection into the city is possible. In case of needing an intra city or overseas connection please contact telephone operator with number 511 or the head nurse of the ward.

11. The documents of the patients of insurer companies having contract with the hospital is sent directly on behalf of the hospital to the related companies and the private patients in case of tending to take the financial documents of the file can directly refer to the related official in dismissal unit. The copy of medical document will also be submitted to them after the order of the curer doctor, by medical documents department.

public visiting : 3-5 p.m

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