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:: Department of Education and Health duty ::
Education and health deputy

Dr. Tarane Naghibi
Job Title: deputy of education and health

Crucial duties
  1. Designs, develops, establishes and updates comprehensive control system and supervises nursing & midwifery cares as well as clinical, hospital and in-service training department of caring cadre including different dimensions, components and tools such as:
    • Regulations and instructions
    • Rules, orders and criteria
    • Protocols, standards and requirements
    • Processes and methods…
  2. Considers general & macro control and supervising of activity and in-time presence of specialist & professional cadre of care & treatment including attends, assistants, interns and active physicians as well as head nurses, team leaders, TMs, midwiferies, experts, OR operators, anesthesiologist, etc.
  3. Performs necessary works to create, coordinate and support medical team, specialized & professional nursing titled “treatment team” comprised of people with different skills for patients with different failures, and interconnected problems so called complex case, meanwhile he supervises and controls effective operation of the teams
  4. Designs, develops and updates a system called “clinical care plans” including elements, dimensions and components of general care list
  5. Announces plans, protocols of clinical care to his supervision area, specialized/ professional cadre including physicians, head nurses, care team directors in different departments and performing supervisory issues, indeed he coordinates and supports to implement effectively and accurately.
  6. Determines long-term and short -term education needs of supervising area including: physicians and specialized & professional cadre of the hospital, meanwhile he arranges necessary plans and designs, necessary follow up and supervisions to administer educational courses & plans with cooperation of subtitle departments and physicians, head nurses and directors of nursing teams (TMs) and he cooperates, coordinates with subtitle department s in human resource management in the hospital.
  7. Provides necessary coordination and appropriate communication between specialized care cadre and professionals in clinical, hospital, OR and clinics departments
  8. Cooperates and attends in collective decisions of the hospital through participation and membership in committees such as: quality improvement, infection safety and control, taking medicine, medicine documents and other subtitle committees etc.
  9. Regularly supervises, controls and follows up the tasks and provides guides, solutions and approaches to observe the patients` rights and their families by care unit and other department s of the hospital
  10. Continuous supervision and control on processes of specialized diagnosis services and professional care in different department s, continuous improvement of the processes by:
    • Regularly prepares and updates protocols, instructions, technical/specialized regulations and rules for care processes, and modifies & updates plans of clinical care
    • Establishing continuous controls and case controls, reforms and changes in the processes and methods
    • Analyzes protocols and processes of diagnosis care, and establishes necessary tasks to improve performance index of the processes by cooperating with subtitle  units and those under shield
  11. Performs activities and prerequisites to guide, perform and lead crisis managers in a specialized and professional care cadre including:
    • Management of internal crisis and consequences of general crisis resulting in massive referring of patients to hospital, necessary follow up to supply human resources, equipment and appliances to face with crisis, and continuous supervision and control over the care cadres to protect suitable responsiveness and preparedness in crisis and unexpected accidents
  12. Makes suitable strategies, approaches and necessary actions to create, protect and improve maternal and spiritual motivations of subtitle units in human resource management
  13. Completes all activities and actions to administer, and to lead safety protection systems of clinical environment, to control risk factors and infections including:
    • Necessary actions to immediate diagnosis of the center and infection factors through internal environment of hospital
    • Activities to prevent infection spread and immediate disposal of the infection, and prevents its outbreak in different units of the hospital including clinical, official, service etc.
    • Activities and actions to diagnosis probable risks, work incidents including touching with contagious diseases, infection by syringe and bloody tools, blood products and preventing horrible incidents for hospitalized patients and care cadre.
  14. Carrying out other duties and issues …
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