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About Zanjan City


:: ICU Ward ::



Ward Supervisor :: Miss. Maryam Ezzati


Ward Manager :: Dr. Mohammad Reza Jamshidi


Tel ::+9802433131419-420

Located in :: 2th floor


Mousavi Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU), staffed by specially trained registered nurses, respiratory technicians and board certified critical care physicians. Consistent with evidence-based practice, the ICU utilizes specialists from all backgrounds to improve care for the critically ill patient
Multidisciplinary rounds incorporate physical therapists, nutritionists, social workers, pharmacists, case managers and nurses to provide holistic care and improve patient outcomes. This team employs the latest technology and medical techniques to enhance every patient's chances for overcoming illness. If you or your loved one becomes critically ill, the team will initiate family meetings to ensure that everyone is updated on the patient’s condition

The ICU, under the medical direction of --, M.D., is undergoing development at all times to adapt care to evolving national standards based on cutting-edge research. Many of the nursing staff have undergone additional training to become certified in critical care nursing, and continuing education is highly encouraged in this culture of excellence

No matter what the condition, compassionate and caring staff provides exceptional, quality care to our patients


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