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About Zanjan City


:: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) ::



Supervisor :: Shohre Adibfar

Manager :: Dr. Farnaz Mohammadian

In Vitro Fertilization

Nowadays, different methods are used for the treatment of infertility. One of the amazing advances in reproductive science is the Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART). Causes of infertility requiring assisted reproductive techniques which are mentioned above include:

• Sperm disorders (the male sperm does not have proper quality in term of number, mobility and shape)
• Presence of anti-sperm in semen and female genital
• Where sperm extraction or testicles biopsy is required
• Entry of sperm into the bladder in patients with neurological damage
• In patients with spinal cord injury that electrical stimulation or a vibrator is used for taking the sperm sample
• Cases where there is no sperm penetration into eggs
• Ovulation disorders
• Problems with the cervix and uterus
• Endometriosis
• Tubes and uterus are closed
• Congenital abnormalities and adhesions in female genital system
• When the egg shell is thick
• Where there is a need to identify the sex of embryos before implantation
• Ensure that there are no cases of fetal genetic abnormalities before implantation
• Unknown causes of infertility

Specialized center of in vitro fertilization began its activities since … with the efforts of a group of experts and professors of gynecology, laboratory, and urology. This center has been able to realize infertile couples wishing upon having a child with using the newest techniques of infertility treatment. Mousavi  IVF center is one of the most advanced infertility treatment centers in the country that with using the most advanced systems for in vitro fertilization, embryo storage, diagnostic equipment, and different techniques for infertility treatment is taken strides to eliminate the problem of infertile couples.



Tel ::+98024141

Located in ::Ground floor 



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