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Ph.D. Seminar Presentations (Sept. 22, 2013)

• Telomere length measurement by quantitative real time PCR by Samaneh Hemati Shahbani, Supervisor: Dr. Pedram

• White line formation of Pseudomonas for fighting with pathogenic bacteria by Maryam Eslami, Supervisor: Dr. Rokni-Zadeh

• Biological applications of microfluidic channels by Fatemeh Soleymanifar, Supervisor: Dr. Shahani

• β thalassemia major and the role of gene therapy in its cure by Keivan Nedaei, Supervisor: Dr. Mortazavi

• Hemophilia and its gene therapy by Ehsan Enderami, Supervisor: Dr. Mortazavi

M.Sc. Seminar Presentations (Oct. 6, 2013)

• Humanized Mice and Drug Development in the 21stCentury by Zahra Qasemi, Supervisor: Dr. Pedram

• Using miRNA as a method to reduce invasion of the cells by Malihe Khodayee, Supervisor: Dr. Mirzaei

• Risk factors in the stem cell therapy (What is the oncologic risk of stem cell treatment for heart disease?) by Behnza Hatef, Supervisor: Dr. Khalili

• Genome comparison studies to determine the function of genes by Mohamad Reza Ranjouri, Supervisor: Dr. Rokni-Zadeh

• Principle of next generation sequencing and its application for pre-implantation genetic diagnostics by Alyeh Farshbaf, Supervisor: Dr. Shahani

M.Sc. Seminar Presentations (Oct. 13, 2013)

• Short Telomeres, Damaged Hearts by Fahimeh Solasar Moghadam, Supervisor: Dr. Pedram

• Cardiovascular consequences of exposure to engineered carbon nano-particles by Mahya Sadat Lajvardi, Supervisor: Dr. Shahani

• TPE in Age-related Human Disease: Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy by Mandana Hadi Jafari, Supervisor: Dr. Pedram

• Genetic basis of non familial Alzheimer’s disease by Mojgan Akhbari, Supervisor: Dr. Shahani

• The role of micro RNAs in Leukemia by Somayeh Heidari, Supervisor: Dr. Mortazavi

M.Sc. Seminar Presentations (Oct. 20, 2013)

• The minimal genome and construction of syntheticorganisms by Azam Qotbi, Supervisor: Dr. Rokni-Zadeh

• RNAseq, a novel approach for whole RNA profiling of human cells by Fatemeh Mousavi, Supervisor: Dr. Shahani

• Genome Mosaicism: One Human, Multiple Genomes? by Parisa Aab, Supervisor: Dr. Pedram

• Cancer stem cell: Differecnes and characterisitics by Reza Pourpak Nia, Supervisor: Dr. Mortazavi

• MicroRNAs and their critical roles in cell cycle regulation in stem cells by Abolfaz Shekari, Supervisor: Dr. Mirzaei

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