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:: Women’s surgery section and Maternity block section ::
 | Post date: 2019/04/29 | 
Women’s surgery section and Maternity block section
The Women’s Surgery and  Maternity block section in addition to standard medical equipment such as electrocardiography, DC-shock and ...also has infusion pumps, sonicitis, pulse oximetry, baby's heart rate recorder, infant incubator, neonate's height gauge, digital balance, baby's throb resuscitation And adult to provide quality services to dear patients

Women’s surgery sevices
Preparing patients for various surgeries is one of the most important activities of this department and patients undergoing surgery in this part of the hospital. It also tries to provide medical services for pregnant women in the best possible way, using modern equipment as well as the knowledge of experienced physicians and staff. In this section, patients with diseases requiring surgery, such as accidental injuries, trauma, abdominal pain, hernia, anorectal diseases and women's surgery, kidney and urethral surgery, burns, orthopedics, and patients with neurological and neurosurgical surgery are admitted. This part is located on the second floor on the south wing of the hospital

Maternity block services
In this section, delivery is done naturally (NVD) and, if necessary, with pain relief methods (Antenna gas, Spinal, Epidural) by experienced and experienced staff. It also examines the movements of the fetus and the performance of NST (fetal health evaluation) and other examinations of pregnant mothers, such as blood pressure measurements, uterine hemorrhage, hemorrhage, and so on.

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