Where is Zanjan

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The province of Zanjan covers an area of 39,370 sq.km. To the east of this province is the province of Hamadan, to the west is the province of West Azarbaijan and to the south is the province of Kurdestan. To the north of the province are the provinces of Ardabil and East Azarbaijan. This province is actually located in the plateau north-west of central Iran. The townships of Zanjan, Abhar, Ijrud, Khoda Bandeh, Khoram Dareh, Tarom and Mah Neshan are the constituents of the said province. In November 1996, the population of this province was approximately 901,000; out of which about 47% resided in urban areas, around 52% were rural dwellers, and a number were non-residents.

Zanjan province comprises of two regions-plain and mountainous. The former spanning various areas of the province, and the latter is the northern sector, enveloping many high peaks or summits. In the southern territory of Zanjan there is an alluvial plain, to the north of this vast plain are the Soltanieh heights and to the south of which stand the Qeydar heights. These form the limits of the said plain. There are many rivers flowing in this province-the most important of which being the Qezel Ozan River.


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