Faculty Members and ResearchersScientometrics System
1.How to insert Standard Affiliation in articles
The standard affiliation of schools, educational and treatment centers and research centers will be inserted and will be sent to the professors, researchers and students.
Affiliation guidance:
Dr. Ayyoub Pezeshki: President of the School of Medicine
Dr. Mehdi Mousafard: president of the School of Nursing and Midwifery
Dr. Fatemeh Jafari: Deputy of the school of health and paramedical sciences
Dr. Atefeh Yousefi Jordehi:administrator of the school of dentistry 
Dr. Mehran Mohseni: President of the School of Pharmacy/ Head of Scientific and Educational Center of Nanotechnology in the country
Mrs. Seyyedeh Fariba Sharafi:Administrator of Abhar School of Nursing 
Dr. Mehdi Ghaemi: Head of Ayatollah-Mousavi Educational and Treatment Center
Dr. Mohammad Hasan Rostamkhani: Head of Vali-e-Asr Educational and Treatment Center
Dr. Alireza Armani kian: Head of Shahid Dr. Beheshti's Medical Educational Center

Dr. Hosein Chiti: Head of Metabolic Disease Research Center 

Dr. Ali Ramezani:Head of Cancer Gene Therapy Research Center (CGRC)  

Dr. Kobra Rostamizadeh: Head of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Research Center

Dr. Saeideh Mazloomzadeh: Head of Social Determinants of Health Research Center

Dr. Seyyed Jamal Hoseini: Head of Applied Pharmacology Research Center

Dr. Maryam Hasan: Head of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Research Center 

Dr. Farzaneh Karami Tanha : Head of Clinical Research Center 

Remarkable for Faculty members, university students of advanced studies and other researchers.

Accordingly, the same procedure for submitting articles, exclusive affiliation for colleges, educational and treatment centers, research centers and the other departments of the university seems fairly acceptable.

In the case of other deputies and departments staffs in ZUMS, affiliation will be inserted as the following:

2.New Medical Information System of Iran (Novice)
The new system of medical research information in Iran (new) is available at the following website: www.research.ac.ir
It is a collection of information systems and instruction composed of components of the medical research system of the whole country, including researchers and authors of articles, research projects, theses, articles, journals, books, Patent Licensing, and other related matters. The system is composed of 12 scientific-research information systems.