Centeral Library of ZUMSServices
The efforts of all staff are being displayed in this Department. The goal is to provide faster, better, and more up- to-date services to customers. The Circulation or Lending Department is managed by the open shelves system and there are two available computers to search library resources. All books information, journals, theses and research projects are electronically available through the Internet.
List of Services:
  • Registering all faculty members, students and staff members for membership in the library considering the rules.
  • Responding to all customers.
  • Guiding all customers and students to use library resources.
  • Lending books and other library resources considering the regulation.
  • Delivering borrowed books and other resources.
  • Searching information in databases for customers (see the search method).
  • Filing the returned books on the shelves.
  • Shelf reading and fixing the bugs of the books to identify the missing books.
  • Weeding out the worn books and sending them to bindings.
Study Halls:
Study halls for females with a capacity of 120 members
Study halls for males with a capacity of 120 members
Computer Halls:
In the library complex, two computer halls are considered for consumers to use electronic resources:
  • 35 computers for men site
  • 35 computers for women site
  • A printer
  • Providing Internet and Intranet services
The Training Hall:
The Training Hall in the library complex with a capacity of 35 people is aimed at holding workshops, introducing and using electronic resources, workshops for librarians and related workshops in information management and Research Deputy.