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 | Post date: 2020/04/13 | 

a)    Health and Prevention Section:

1.    Healthy and Cheerful Fun, Mental Health, Social health
2.    Healthy Human, Healthy Lifestyle with Health Literacy
3.    Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Environment, Healthy People
4.    Spiritual Health
5.    Individual and Social Health
6.    Healthy Family, Healthy Society
7.    Irregular Health Consumption
8.    Health and Social Networks
9.    Social Harms and High-risk Behaviors
10.    Self-empowerment and Self-care
11.    Smart Health
12.    Health Tourism
13.    Health and International Relationships 
14.    Health and Economics - Health Economics
15.    Health and Citizenship Rights - Healthy Citizens
16.    Health and Technology
17.    Health and Telemedicine
18.    Health and Future
19.    Charity raisers: People's Participation in Health
20.    Health and Engineering of Educational, Health and Medical Spaces 

b)    Health Emergencies Section: Coronavirus Special Section

1.    Life after Corona
2.    Corona and Personal Conduct
3.    Corona and Social Conduct
4.    Corona and Potential Business Atmosphere
5.    Corona and Family
6.    Corona and Upcoming Opportunities (in Production and Health Services)
7.    Corona, Unity and Sympathy
8.    Corona and Charity Activities
9.    Corona and Social Networks
10.  Corona and New Opportunities for Cultural Activities
11.  Corona, Healthy Domestic Leisure Time Activities 
12.  Corona, Interactions between Governmental Institutions and organizations 
13.  Corona, Social Trust in the Health Systems
14.  Corona and New Methods of Crisis Management
15.  Corona, Popular Movements and Non-governmental Organizations
16.  Corona, mental and spiritual health
17.  Corona, Environment and Natural Resources
18.  A Different Picture of the World after Corona

1.    Illustration section
•    This section is based on a narration that the artist performs at least 5 to 12 picture frames according to the topic.
•    The dimensions of the works must be 22 × 22.
•    The narration must be in the form of images.
•    Works with manual techniques need to be sent as a digital file and the participant is responsible for editing the color and the light of the work.
•    Artists can edit the text and also present the image and pagination in a separate file in English.
•    Works must be submitted in 22 × 22 layout with 300dpi resolution and jpg layout 
and the size of each work should not be less than 3MB and more than 6 MB. This part specified to newly illustrated books.
•    If the works are accepted, it is necessary for the artist to send the original file in high quality to the secretariat.

2.    Poster Section:
•    Each artist is allowed to send a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 works.
•    Works with manual techniques need to be sent as a digital file and the participant is responsible for editing the color and the light of the work.
•    The technique of performing the work is allowed.
•    Works must be submitted in 70 × 50 layout with 300dpi and RGB resolution and jpg layout and the size of each work should not be less than 3MB and more than 6 MB.

3. Motion Graphics Section
•    Speed in conveying concepts, attractiveness in awareness and creative learning are the main features of motion graphics. The festival seeks to showcase the concepts of health and prevention in the simplest possible way with creative methods. The appeal of the work in terms of design, creativity in design and quality of work in this section has a high priority.
•    Submitted works must comply with the following specifications:
•    Layout: MP4 or MOV
•    Code: H.264
•    Resolution: 1920x1080
•    Length: maximum 59 seconds
•    Each participant can submit a maximum of 5 works.

4. Short Film Section: (Documentary, Fiction and Animation)
•    The submitted videos must be 59 seconds.
•    The layout of the submitted works should be MPG4. 
•    Obviously, other submission layouts will not be accepted.
•    Participants are allowed to send a maximum of 3 works.

5. Creative and Innovative Ideas Section
•    Ideas should be creative and innovative and based on the themes of the festival.
•    The idea should be practical.
•    The idea  should promote the culture of personal health and social health.
•    The idea should respond to the needs of the people in the field of health and solve the problem of the health system.
•    The idea should facilitate the provision of health care services in the health systems.
•    Other cases and issues related to health fields are also acceptable.

6. Painting Section:
A. For Children
B. other ages
Children up to 13 years old:
•    Paintings must be clear.
•    They should be drawn on A4 paper.
•    The first and last name, age and nationality at the bottom left of the paintings is required.
•    Other specifications including date of birth, contact number, the grade in school and exact postal address should be typed and sent separately in a word file.
•    Works with manual techniques must be submitted as a digital file. In case of entering to the final section of completion, the original works should be sent to the festival secretariat for selecting the final winners.

B. Free Section: all age groups
•    Works with manual techniques must be sent as a digital file and the participant is responsible for editing the color and lighting of the work.
•    Each person can send a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 works.
•    The technique of creating the works is free.
•    Artists must provide a picture of their work with explanations in terms of implemented technique, style and title of the work.
•    In case of entering the final competition section, the original works must be sent to the festival secretariat for selecting the final winners.
•    The dimensions of the work should be at least 45 × 60 and at most is 70 × 100. Square layout is also allowed.

7. Photo Section
•    Participation is allowed for all those who are interested in photography. (Only photography by camera).
•    Photographers  can send at most  10 photos.
•    Submitted photos must not have a signature, badge, frame, logo or any other visual scripts.
•    Changes or repairs in  the photos are not accepted. It is acceptable to edit the photo to the extent of framing and color resolution and also to the extent that it does not damage the original work.
•    The excerpt of the photos must be preserved. Also, the use of  collages is not allowed.
•    Photos must be in JPEG layout including 2000 pixels max length side  with a maximum size of 2 MB.
•    The judges will judge the photos digitally. Therefore, the submitted works must be of good quality, even after reducing the size.
•    The criterion for judging is aesthetics, creativity, challenges and inspiration to attract more people's attention to the relevant subject.
•    30 works will be selected in the festival. It is necessary for the winners to attend the exhibition on the opening day and receive the prizes in person.
•    The privacy of individuals must be respected in accordance with the law, otherwise the owner of the work will be responsible for the consequences.
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