| تاریخ ارسال: 1399/12/9 | 
Educational Vice-Chancellor
Name: Dr. Mehdi Ghaemi
Position: Educational vice-chancellor
Degree and Field of Study: Doctor of Anesthesiology, Associate Professor
Postal address: Zanjan Gavazang Road- University Campus- Zanjan University of Medical Sciences- Second Floor Boostan Building- Second Floor

 Description of  Duties:
 ۱) Administration of all educational affairs of the university.
 ۲) Study and make decisions to improve the quality of university education and propose implementing principles in this field.
 ۳) Supervising the proper implementation of educational regulations and regulations.
 ۴) Continuous supervision of the proper performance of the duties assigned to the units of the university and colleges.
 ۵) General planning and presentation of educational policies and policies in accordance with the regulations adopted.
 ۶) Providing continuous and necessary educational reports to the University Board.
 ۷) Continuous evaluation of the status of the students of the faculty and submitting the necessary reports to the President of the University.
 ۸) Planning and overseeing graduate studies and short-term university courses.
 ۹) Establishing the agenda of the University Education Council meetings and holding meetings to resolve student and assistantship issues.
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