Director of Educational Manager

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Director of Educational Manager
Name: Dr. Saeed Amanloo
Position: Educational Manager
Degree and Field of Study: PhD of Medical Mycology, Assistant Professor
Postal address: Zanjan Gavazang Road- University Campus- Zanjan University of Medical Sciences- Second Floor Boostan Building- Second Floor
E-mail: s.amanloo

Description of Duties:
  1. Supervise good enforcement of educational laws and regulations.
  2. Developing general principles of training programs and supervising their proper implementation after approval.
  3. Preparation and adjustment of academic calendars based on the decisions of the Supreme Council for Planning and Adolescent Education
  4. Overseeing student registration and selection
  5. Review and comment on launching new approved courses and courses
  6. Collaborate with the Medical Education Development Studies Center to implement quality education improvement programs
  7. Collaborate with the Department of State on conducting nationally focused exams including basic sciences, pre-internship, residency and master&#۳۹;s degree
  8. Formation of the Educational Council and the Special Committee of the University Special Cases and Preparation of Meetings and Adoption Agencies for the Implementation of the University Transfer and Transfer Commission
  9. Supervising the issuance of certificates of employment to students, and the system of duty of students applying to leave the country
  10. Supervising the Issues of Certificates and Certificates, Encyclopedias, Graduate Certificates
  11. Overseeing matters related to the general duty of students
  12. Active participation in the formulation of educational assistant strategies
  13. Collaborating with the University&#۳۹;s White Paper Witness Staff
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