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You will enter Iran with a one-month STUDENT visa. We will assist you to convert your entrance visa to a ONE YEAR RESIDENCY. When you receive your visa and purchase your ticket to Iran, inform us of your arrival date at least ۱۰ days in advance by forwarding a copy of  your ticket to us in order for the university to arrange a transport from the airport to your place of residence. Please inform us of  any changes concerning your arrival. The next business day after you arrive, you should refer to the Office of  Admissions to complete your registration. Our staff and advisors at the Office of Admissions are available to assist you with your needs. 

You will need to deposit the entire first-year tuition fee at the time of registration at ZFUMS for the registration to be completed. Therefore, please make necessary arrangements for this matter. All registration affairs will be undertaken and completed at the Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Directorate of International Affairs and Development (DIAD). The address is:

No. ۲۱, gavazang St., sabooti Ave., zanjan, Iran.

DIAD is on the ۱ST floor. You will receive a temporary student ID card after your registration is complete.

Later on, you will be accompanied by the university’s Visa Specialist to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to process your one-year student visa. After your student Visa has been processed, you will be given your main student ID card.

The official language in Iran is Persian. In order to ease the transition of our international students into their new environment, ZUMS, with the collaboration of University of Zanjan, offers Persian language classes to international students. For students who have been awarded Type B or Type C scholarships, Persian classes are free of charge. 


Required documents for registration are:

- Original Passport 

- ۲ photos (۳cm*۴cm) with white background;

- Two previous degree(s) in original + Official Transcript(s);

- English Language Proficiency Certificate;

- Tuition Fee (in US Dollars).

- Student Visa.

All educational documents need to be approved (signed and verified) by:

- The Institution which has issued the degree;

- The Ministry/Department of  Education;

- The Ministry/Department of  Foreign Affairs.

All documents need to be original, and copies should be proved same as original by the Head of the Certification Issuance Authority. 



Students will be provided with health and sports insurance. Moreover, residents who work in hospitals will also be covered by professional liability insurance. Moreover, students will be assisted to open a bank account in Iran after completing their registration. The relevant bank will issue a debit card which can be used in ATMs around the city.



You will enter Iran with a one-month student visa. After visiting your school and familiarizing yourself with your schedule and surroundings.


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