Vision & Mission

 | Post date: 2021/04/15 | 
Based on this curriculum, students will be trained in the next ten years in line with the evolution of the student community in accordance with international standards. By conducting an undergraduate emergency medicine and bachelor nursing program, graduates will be able to provide desirable services in accordance with job descriptions. By developing a higher education curriculum in line with international standards, graduates of these fields will be able to participate in various fields of service delivery In the Emergencies and Medical Centers, the most effective and cost effective services are provided to improve the health of the community and reduce the mortality and morbidity of the recipients And at the regional and international levels.

Education and training of experienced and efficient personnel committed to Islamic and the human being values is part of the mission of teaching nursing and medical emergency science. Graduates of these courses be able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of society and comply with the highest standards to provide pre-hospital and hospital care and care services to patients and injured persons in the shortest possible time and with a desirable quality.
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