History of the School

 | Post date: 2021/06/29 | 

Abhar school of nursing has started its educational activities since 1992 with the recruitment of 28 undergraduate nursing  students. With an increase of 90 students over the next 22 years (until 2014), the figure rose to 118 students. On the other hand by the allocation of land with a total area of 8484m²  donated by the Mr. Ghadir Ali Ketabian in 1996, the study on the construction of  Abhar school of nursing's new building  began at the beginning of the  Aznab road in 2006, and since 2009, the construction of the school building with an area of 4201m² in six floors began with the great efforts of the honorable authorities of the Zanjan university of medical sciences,  authorities of the Abhar city and the cooperation of the Abhar Health Network and were officially used in the year of 2014.
 In 2015, the course of Emergency Medical technician was approved and students were enrolled in this field . also ,since May 25, 2017 admission of BSC of emergency  medical sciences was approved. In 2017, the total number of students inboth of Emergency Medicine and nursing Bachelor has grown by more than three times to 300 in just three years. This year, with the approval of 45 undergraduate nursing students in first semester of 2018 ,and 45  nursing students In the second semester 2018, for the first time, students will be admitted at this level in two semesters A total of 90 and with a surplus of 30 students in emergency medicine In the second semester, with the approval of the Bachelor of Science in Medical Emergencies, we will recruit 20 graduate students, with a total of 380 students this year. It is proud that from the total number of graduates of our center 450 by the year 2017, about 40 were accepted at post graduate admissions (9%) and 8 were admissioned to the Ph.D cource.
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