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  Pharmaceutical Biomaterials is a connecting branch of pharmacy and biomaterial sciences which commonly deals with the strategies related to the manipulating bio-originated or bio-applicable materials in a way that can be advantageous for patients in treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of diseases.

  Areas, like drug/gene delivery, organ transplantation, diagnosis of normal/abnormal body’s conditions, and providing people with the appropriate disease preventative approaches can be covered by pharmaceutical biomaterial sciences.

  The main mission of our department is to achieve a better situation in people’s health and welfare through suitable, justified, creative and advanced research and educational activities.

  To this aim, our department members who are young, talented and quite ambitious persons, devoted their time, energy and effort to both educating postgraduate students and carrying out relevant research. All of our colleagues have multiple high-impact and peer-reviewed journal articles, besides various patents and we have very close collaborations and joint research projects inter- and intra-department.


Moreover, the department shares many up-to-date and high-tech facilities which are provided by the faculty of pharmacy. The main research activities of the department can be divided into three major areas:

  · Biomaterials applications in drug/gene deliveries

  · Biomaterials applications in tissue engineering

  · The role of Biomaterials in physicochemical and microbial quality control of drug formulations


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