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Welcome to Valieasr hospital

Welcome message of the CEO/president of the Vali-e Asr Hospital:

Since 2001, the Vali Asr Educational and treatment Center has been providing services in the field of diagnosis, treatment and care of internal diseases to the people of Zanjan province and the cities of the provinces. The hospital has played a significant role in improving the health of the community, and its main goal has been to ensure provision of efficient services by responsible and dedicated staff via modern technologies at the highest level of quality. In this hospital, the primary focus is on the provision of diagnostic services and patient safety care, and all of its staff are committed to ensuring the safety and health of the patients.
It is hoped to achieve the vision and defined objectives through utilizing our experience and knowledge.

Dr. Mohammad Hasan Rostamkhani


:: W.H.O ::
 | Post date: 2020/08/9 | 

Visiting and evaluation of the representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Valiasr Hospital

:: SCU ::
 | Post date: 2019/11/18 | 

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