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:: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology ::
Introduction and overview
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Department was established in 2010 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences. The department has well-equipped laboratories with the benefit of young faculty members and is motivated in the field of science related to the development of pharmaceutical biotechnology in various fields of pharmaceutical science.
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Department strives to become an internationally advanced research group.
1- Helping to improve the quality and quantity of department activity.
2- Becoming a comprehensive, qualitative and multidimensional department to support, develop and advance biotechnology in the Zanjan province.
3- Promoting research and development of biological and biological sciences through educational programs based on the needs of society and strategic plan.
General Goals
4- Research and development in the field of recombinant drugs
5- Development of Post Genomic era to discover new drugs
6- Evaluation and quality control of recombinant drugs
7- Research and development in the field of pharmacogenetics and providing services to medical centers for better management of drug therapy
8- Interacting with University research centers to conduct applied interdisciplinary research
9- Research and development in the field of antimicrobial substances of natural origin
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