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Scientometric division of the Research and Technology Office deals with the following affairs:

  • Quantitative study
  • Historical and sociological studies
  • Planning and policymaking for  scientific activities
  • Recognition and designing the patterns of scientific communications
  • Determining the degree of cooperation among the authors of various fields
  • Elucidating the structure of scientific activities in general, designating the structure of specific topics and fields, displaying the scientific structure of particular fields, designing country's scientific map.
  • Evaluation of Science and Technology targeting towards indicators and measurement scales for science and technology development.
  • Interdisciplinary relations: To clarify the nature of relationship among different branches of knowledge
  • Evaluation and ranking of publications, evaluation and measurement of published works of authors, organizations, universities, and countries.
  • Determining the quota of the country, university or organization in science production in national and international arenas
  • Practical assessment of the activities of the faculty members
  • Providing the scientific development report of the country
  • Tracing the rate of knowledge production and distribution
  • Investigation of  indirect methods in production, acquisition and distribution of scientific information
  • Measuring the impact and the rank of publications based on their importance
  • Tracking the spread of scientific thoughts and  patterns of publications
  • Quantitative analysis of the production, distribution and utilization of published texts
  • Identifying core journals, introducing top authors and widely- used articles
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