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The operating room technology field is one of the branches of medical sciences, wherein the students get to know the new principles of the operating room and modern surgical technologies in specialized and subspecialized surgeries and learn to provide care and assistance to the patients. This field was initially established as the associate degree in Iran since 1987 to 2001, and since 2008 inaugurated as continuous and non- continuous undergraduate degree. Students of this field as part of the surgical team assist in the implementation of surgical operations with desirable results in the operating rooms of the hospital. The mission of this department is to train students who are knowledgeable, committed and efficient, providing professional services in the operating rooms and enjoy the knowledge and technology of the day to deliver affordable care and education services with the highest standards. The department has experts and experienced staff to achieve its educational and research goals (4 lecturers with postgraduate degree in nursing).
Undergraduate anesthesiology discipline is one of the paramedical branches of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, and training efficient manpower as assistants operating under of anesthesiologists supervision in different parts of the operating rooms, are defined to be among its main ends. The duty of this group deals with the patients with general, spinal and local anesthesia, before, during and after anesthesia throughout surgeries, controlling and prevention of transmission of nosocomial infections, pain controlling and effective presence in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation team. Prior to 2006, the anesthesiology technology department operated at the level of associate degree, since then, the field has developed to deliver and run   undergraduate degree program.
The mission of this department is to educate knowledgeable, committed, efficient, responsible and accountable anesthetists in health sciences to provide care in the operating rooms and in the intensive care units.
To achieve educational and research objectives, the department honors the accomplishments of   the expert and experienced staff including two anesthesiologists and two lectures in critical care nursing.

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