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Midwifery is the first bachelor's degree licensed for establishment of private offices.   Nursing and Midwifery program started in Tehran since 1986. The Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery was the first faculty established in the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences in 2006 which was delivering associate’s midwifery degree courses. A year later the first bachelor degree program for midwifery inaugurated. Admission to the postgraduate course in counselling midwifery has begun since 2013 and is still ongoing. The midwifery counseling is a newly established discipline aimed at meeting the needs of women for counseling. Midwifery is a branch of medical science. The goal of the midwifery discipline is to educate committed professionals in the field of midwifery for training and midwifery services. Midwifery services contribute to the health of mothers and children throughout the world.
The department honorably receives educational and research services of 18 faculty members (3 assistant professors, 14 lecturers and one bachelor of midwifery

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