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:: Introduction of Zanjan Applied Pharmacology Research Center (ZAPRC) ::

Introduction of Zanjan Applied Pharmacology Research Center (ZAPRC):

Zanjan Applied Pharmacology Research Center has been established in 2013, alongside with two other research centers in School of Pharmacy, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, with the permission of Ministry of Health.  The effective research units of this school are three sub-divisions, each includes a group of young, highly motivated and enthusiastic scientists are working in intra-as well as inter-department teams. In addition, our center is cooperating with other well-accredited laboratories world-wide in a series of collaborative world-class, research projects.

The Center has an enrollment of approximately 20 researchers, 7 faculty members and one secretariat.  

Techniques and equipments available at the center

 o   HPLC

o   Hepatocyte Isolation set up

o   Shuttle Box

o   Morris Water Maze

o   Open Field activity Box

o   Organ Bathe

o   Stereotax surgery set upo    

Research fields and capabilities:

 o   Neuroscience

o   Mechanistic Toxicology and pharmacology

o   Studies on isolated organs as well as cells

o   Cellular models of chemical toxicity and safety

o   CNS studies specially behavioral and cognitive studies

o   Nano drugs’ Metabolism and safety


Mission Statement for the Zanjan Applied Pharmacology Research Center

The mission of ZAPRC is to maintain competency of highly-skilled researchers and scientists; to create, transmit, and apply new knowledge based on cutting-edge research in the pharmacological sciences; and to cooperate with pharmaceutical industries in order to assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs and drug delivery systems.

ZAPRC is dedicated to discovering the different pharmacological aspects of novel pharmaceutical products in order to improve health in this country.

 Vision for the Zanjan Applied Pharmacology Research Center

ZAPRC will hold a position of national supreme in creative, dynamic programs in the related fields. We will expand and enhance our commitment to excellence and innovation in applied pharmacological researches at all levels, especially in collaboration with other research centers in the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences.

 Values of the Zanjan Applied Pharmacology Research Center

ZAPRC promotes an environment of civility, diversity, collaboration, and mutual respect based on the fundamental principles of quality, productivity, and centrality of the Center’s and the University's research missions. We will instill the key values of professionalism, including integrity, responsibility, leadership, and innovation; which provide the tools for modern research and science, ethical decision-making in practice and research, and strive for excellence in all we do. We are extremely proud of the diverse research fields prepared in this center for achievement the visions of this center in the near future. So we invite you to join us in contributing to this great goal.

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