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Medical Biotechnology Department

The department of Medical Biotechnology started to admit student at the M.A. level in 2008 and has continued admission of students at the Ph.D. level in Medical Biotechnology subject since 2011. The number of accepted students is as  follows:

M.A.: from 2008 up to 2021, 53 students admitted, 37 graduated, and 13 students are still studying,8 of them are working on their thesis and 5 are under training.
Ph.D. from 2011 up to 2021, 24 students admitted, 14graduated, and 10 are still studying, 7 of them are working on their dissertations.
 The faculty members are as follows:
 Dr. Mortazavi (Professor)
Dr. Taromchi (Associate Professor)
Dr. Johari (Assitant Professor)
Dr. Kaboli (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Nedaee (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Bagherpour (Assistant Professor)
Aim of the Experts and Graduates:
At the M.A. level, the aim is to aware graduates of the latest topics of the field, make them capable and efficient in producing Biotechnological products such as preventing, diagnosing, and treating products.
The aims of the graduates of the Ph.D. level are to provide counseling in making recombinant medicines, designing and producing innovative biological devices for improving diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses.
This department is collaborating with other departments and biotechnological and nano research centers in the educational and research fields and can counsel other departments, research centers of the university, and knowledge enterprise and industrial companies that are working in the field about recombinant medicines and collaborate with them in producing the recombinant medicines.

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