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This field was established in line with the health oriented policies of the country. This field focuses on the health of the community, so that the students who graduate will are provided with the capacity of integrating nursing knowledge with other health-related sciences, and will have the potential of addressing the problems, tackling them and making evidence-based decisions in order to meet the needs of the community. This field was first launched in 1976 under the title of Master of Public Health Nursing in the country and was approved in 1995 as one of the master's degree programs. The review of this field was finalized in 2012 within the framework of the Supreme Council of Medical Sciences Planning and was modified as Community Health Master program. The mission of this department is to educate well-informed, efficient, committed, responsible and accountable nurses who act through the integration of nursing science with other health related sciences and apply evidence-based practices in variety of aspects in the community, and promote the communities’ health status.
The department of Community Health Nursing also takes the responsibility of educating the master’s degree students in community health. In addition to running community health courses in the nursing community, the department  delivers  community health courses of other fields including master degree courses  in  surgery, emergency and critical care as well as courses of  undergraduate operating room program.  To meet its educational and research ends, this department has employed highly qualified and experienced faculty members.

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