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Abhar Emdadi Hospital


Emdadi hospital was inaugurated in 1351 with 25 beds including: Emergency ward, Surgery ward, and Delivery ward, Operating Room, Radiology and Laboratory.
Environment around hospital was donated by benefactors and it reached to 21000 meters.
Over time the hospital area extended from 3000 m2 to 12520 m2 and the number of beds increased from 25 to 120 including: pediatrics, NICU, ICU, post CCU, Dialysis, internal ward, Emergency ward, Surgery unit, Delivery, outpatient Clinic ( surgery, orthopedic, skin, heart, psychology, sonography, echocardiography, cardiac exercise test, endoscopy, ENT, ophthalmology, pediatrics, urology, neurology, internal medicine, infectious disease, CT scan, diabetes, thalassemia, physiotherapy, audiometry, laboratory and pathology.
All parts of the hospital has been connected by HIS to integrate management and monitoring. In order to increase scientific and practical level of staff’s knowledge, we created conference hall.
In 1388 12 houses were built for specialists accommodation.
When Alghadir hospital was opened in 1396, some wards and units were transferred from Emdadi hospital to Alghadir hospital. Now the active wards are: men and women psychiatry with ECT facilities, general surgery, ICU, operating room for ENT and Ophthalmology, surgery, dialysis and other clinics like chemotherapy, mammography, cancer screening, CT scan, radiology, laboratory, pathology and drug stores for inpatient and outpatient people.

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