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Journal of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences (JZUMS) is a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal.
All submitted manuscripts undergo a review process as follows; at first, all the manuscripts are evaluated by an editorial committee (2 or 3 members) in order to check the quality of the manuscripts. This will help the authors to save time if their manuscripts has no sufficient data, novelty or is not of scientific interest. Such manuscripts are declined promptly without undergoing review. Those manuscripts that meet the editorial criteria are sent for formal review.
If reviewer feel the paper is outside of his/her area of expertise or unable to devote the necessary time, they are asked let the editorial office know as soon as possible so that the editorial board can invite an alternative reviewer.
JAMBR expect reviewers not only give their scientific view on an article, but also recommend points for improving the quality of the article. In this way the submitted articles are refined to such an extent that are published as a logical and scientifically approved article in JAMBR.
The policy of JAMBR is to conceal the identity of reviewers' to authors or to other reviewers. Also the reviewers should remain anonymous throughout the review process. In fact, the peer review process is Double-blind.
In JAMBR, the manuscript is sent to at least three reviewers. Based on the reviewers' comments and reports the editorial board will make a decision. The reviewed manuscript would undergo one of the several possibilities mentioned below:  
  1. Accept as it is (without any kind of revision)
  2. Accept, after minor modifications
  3. Reconsider, after major revision
  4. Reject
Those manuscripts that need minor or major revisions, are sent back to the authors. Then the revised manuscripts along with the authors’ responses are sent to the reviewer. If the corrections are confirmed by the reviewer then the manuscript will be accepted for publication.

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